Iowa Catholic Men's Conference


El próximo año la Conferencia se realizaráa el 25 de Marzo de 2017, en la Iglesia de San Francisco (St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church) en Des Moines, Iowa. Estén atentos para más detalles.

Conferencia 2017

Creando Guerreros para Cristo

Guiados por los cuatros pilares: Conversión, Reconciliación, Discipulado y Evangelización, la Conferencia Católica de Hombres de Iowa, se dedica a formar discípulos fieles de Cristo.

Animamos y desafiamos a los hombres, a proclamar audazmente el Reino de Dios, las verdades catolicas y a vivir una vida virtuosa dentros de sus familias y la sociedad.

La Conferencia Católica de Hombres de Iowa ha sido fijada para el día Sábado 25 de Marzo del 2017 en la Iglesia de St. Francis of Assisi (San Francisco en West Des Moines). Desde las 8:30 am hasta las 3:30 pm. Celebraremos la Santa Misa a las 8:30 am. 

Tendremos seis expositores : Jon Leonetti, Fr. Rick Wendell, Karlo Broussard y el Dr. Matt Halbach para nuestra audiencia en ingles y para nuestra audienca en español nos complacemos en presentar al Fr. Luís Mejía, Vicario de Sacred Heart y al Fr. Fabián Moncada, Pastor de Our Lady of the Americas.

Los precios de los boletos sólo pagan una parte del evento gracias a St. Gregory's Charitable Fund que maneja donaciones para la Conferencia. Agradecemos sus donaciones.


Conferencistas para el 2017

Tenemos oradores de alto nivel.  Más detalles proximamente.

Fr. Rick Wendell
Fr. Rick Wendell
Karlo Broussard
Karlo Broussard
Jon Leonette
Jon Leonette
Matt Halbach
Matt Halbach
Fr. Luis Mejia
Fr. Luis Mejia
Fr. Fabian Moncada
Fr. Fabian Moncada


The Beauty You Seek is Awe Inspired

By iowacatholicmensconference | December 14, 2017

Everyone appreciates beauty. We seek out the beautiful natural wonders of our planet, great music and art. It is beauty that inspires us and bring a sense of wonder and awe to our lives. Beauty at it’s best transcends the normal. Our search for God and the truth of Christ’s Incarnation we celebrate each Christmas,…

The Immaculate Conception- With Our Eyes Fixed on Jesus and His Merciful Gaze

By iowacatholicmensconference | December 8, 2017

There are times we are called to gaze even more attentively on mercy so that we may become a more effective sign of the Father’s action in our lives. In 2016, Pope Francis has declared A Holy Year, a Jubilee of Mercy, which started, December 8,  the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception. This feast day…

Service to Others- Praxis to Heal Our Hopelessness

By iowacatholicmensconference | December 5, 2017

This first week of Advent we focus on the virtue of Hope. Hope is belief in the goodness of others and of good things to come. Most people have periods of hopelessness, born of bad decisions by ourselves or others, financial or relationship difficulties, or just a feeling that things won’t get better. This lack…

We Miss You

By iowacatholicmensconference | November 30, 2017

I have noticed that many of my friends and family are absent from Mass and parish events. Their spot in the pew has been vacant longer than a vacation or illness can explain. I have spoken to friends in other parishes who report this strange disappearance of long time friends. How are we to respond…

Truth, Goodness, and Beauty in Evangelization

By iowacatholicmensconference | November 29, 2017

Giants of our Catholic faith and Christian tradition, have pointed us towards “transcendentals” such as beauty, goodness, and truth. They guide us in our journey to God. What is beautiful about the world, faith, and our understanding of God is something we feel personally, which leads to the good we wish for, and brings us…

Mercy – Men Reach ‘UP’ For Mercy

By iowacatholicmensconference | January 30, 2016

8 1_2 x 11 flier Saints in Basic Training Let’s face the obvious! Most of us desire to be forgiven for our errors, mistakes and sins. We hunger for the feeling of forgiveness and to be shown the path to be untied with Christ. In short, we want Mercy. Men, we need to support, encourage…

Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception 2015-Jubilee of Mercy

By iowacatholicmensconference | December 7, 2015

                                                  Text taken in-part from Pope Francis: ‘The Face of Mercy’ ‘There are times we are called to gaze even more attentively on mercy so that we may become a more effective sign of the Father’s action in our lives.’ Pope Francis has declared A Holy Year, a Jubilee of Mercy, which starts today, December…

Men, are you Thankful for the Church?

By iowacatholicmensconference | November 25, 2015

Your tradition of thanking God for his many blessings is a good one. For what will you be thankful? Jesus came to earth as the Incarnate Son of God to Redeem us, reveal God the Father, and create a living Church which would nourish and guide us throughout the centuries. Mother Church, the Catholic reality…

Rise Above the Politics and Ugly Rhetoric

By iowacatholicmensconference | November 19, 2015

“What ever happened to civil discourse and respect for different opinions?” It is important to understand that some difference of opinion on social and religious issues is normal and inevitable. How we respond and interact with friends, relatives and social media post must reflect a respect for the person and a trust that the truth…

Everything is a go for the 2016 conference.

By iowacatholicmensconference | November 17, 2015

Save the date. March 5th, 2016 at St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church. Plan to be inspired, rejuvinated, to learn and to grow.  We have some fantastic speakers lined up. Al Kresta from “Kresta in the Afternoon” every day on Catholic Radio. Jim Blackburn, Catholic Apologist, Author, and Speaker John Crudele, Catholic Apologist, Author, and Speaker Dr. Dan…