Iowa Catholic Men's Conference

We Miss You

I have noticed that many of my friends and family are absent from Mass and parish events. Their spot in the pew has been vacant longer than a vacation or illness can explain. I have spoken to friends in other parishes who report this strange disappearance of long time friends. How are we to respond to our missing sisters and brothers?

This is perplexing to the Church in general. The reasons are a mystery to some, but sometimes events cause people to stay away for work or personal challenges. However, by the time we realize that they haven’t been around, they have also determined no one noticed they were missing. We didn’t care enough to notice and reach out to them to see if they are OK.

I suggest we make an intentional plan to call or Facebook or visit them and simply say, “We miss you!” what can we do to help. “Without you we have a hole in our hearts and family.”

Who should you be reaching out to? Don’t wait too long to notice. It makes all the difference.