Iowa Catholic Men's Conference

Rise Above the Politics and Ugly Rhetoric

Mass and Eucharist in Battle

“What ever happened to civil discourse and respect for different opinions?”

It is important to understand that some difference of opinion on social and religious issues is normal and inevitable. How we respond and interact with friends, relatives and social media post must reflect a respect for the person and a trust that the truth will prevail.

But how can you listen to an idea, remark, and social media post that make you angry, hurt and confused. First of all pray for the person. There is peace in knowing that God can change hearts. Also, not everything needs a direct and immediate response. Ask Jesus to guide your actions.

Men of God seek an intimate relationship with God through the intercession of Jesus the King. This Sunday we celebrated the Feast of Christ the King.  Jesus is a new ruler who gave his life, so that we could enter into his Fathers Kingdom of truth and peace. In this political season, turn to the true King, who will provide guidance and comfort? In prayer, ask for wisdom to seek and see the truth always, bear hardships peacefully, and speak the truth in love. Bear with those whose faith is young and untested, showing fortitude and temperance in our words.

Men of Faith, lead the way in the truth of teachings of Christ and the Holy Catholic Church which he founded for your guidance, comfort, grace and love. Faith for the Journey-The Way of Mercy