Iowa Catholic Men's Conference

Men, are you Thankful for the Church?

Your tradition of thanking God 26_the-calling-of-the-original-twelve-apostles_1800x1200_300dpi_3for his many blessings is a good one. For what will you be thankful?

Jesus came to earth as the Incarnate Son of God to Redeem us, reveal God the Father, and create a living Church which would nourish and guide us throughout the centuries. Mother Church, the Catholic reality of Christ on earth has been a beacon of truth, comfort, and challenge. As a guardian of the true faith in difficult times, the Church is the celestial light which illuminates the darkness and exposes it. It is our guide in uncertain times, and trusted mentor in time of trials.

Let us this Thanksgiving, boldly claim our Church, and raise it up as God raises us. Happy and Blessed Day of Thanks.

Deacon Tom