Iowa Catholic Men's Conference

March 5th, 2016 at St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church in Des Moines, Iowa

2016 Conference

Creating warriors for Christ

Guided by the Four Pillars of Conversion, Reconciliation, Discipleship, and Evangelization, the Iowa Catholic Men's Conference is dedicated to building faithful disciples of Jesus Christ.

We encourage and challenge men to boldly proclaim the Kingdom of God, the Catholic truths, and living a virtuous life within their families and society.

The date has been set for the 2016 Iowa Catholic Men's Conference - from 9-5pm on Saturday, March 5, 2016 at St Francis of Assisi Catholic Church in West Des Moines, Iowa.

We are excited to announce that we have 4 great speakers lined up already, Al Kresta, Jim Blackburn, Dr. Dan McGuire and John Crudele.

Seating is limited. Get your tickets HERE today.

Ticket prices only pay a portion of the expenses for this special event. St. Gregory's Charitable Fund is kindly handling donations for us. Your donations are appreciated.


Al Kresta
from "Kresta in the Afternoon" every day on Catholic Radio


Al Kresta is a broadcaster, journalist and author who is, first of all, a missionary. 

He is President and CEO of Ave Maria Radio and host of “Kresta in the Afternoon.”  He draws upon his unique faith background to create what is, arguably, the most fascinating — and most spiritually constructive — talk radio program on the radio today.

Jim Blackburn
Catholic Apologist, Author, and Speaker

Jim Blackburn

He holds a Masters Degree in Theology from John Paul the Great Catholic University and is the author of several books including 101 Quick Questions With Catholic Answers: Marriage, Divorce, and Annulment20 Answers: Scripture and Tradition, and 20 Answers: The Papacy. Jim supervised the Q&A department during his tenure with Catholic Answers where he has also contributed dozens of articles to Catholic Answers Magazine as well as been a regular guest on the Catholic Answers Live radio program for more than ten years.



John Crudele
Catholic Apologist, Author, and Speaker

john Crudele

John Crudele has the uncanny ability to connect with both young people and adults and is known as a speaker and author who relates to his audience in a very personal and profound way.

John is the founder of Partnership for Youth, which hosts the popular
Steubenville North Catholic Teen Conferences. He’s a founding partner and coach with the John Maxwell Team. He is the co-author of "Making Sense of Adolescence,” a contributing author to the "Teen Power" series.

His message … "The Courage to Connect: Being a Catholic Man in a
Secular World."

Dr. Dan McGuire
professor and author of the book Marching Orders

dan mcguire

Dr. Dan McGuire is a husband and father of 8 children (ages 9-24).  Prior to becoming a theology professor, he served as an infantry officer in the Marines for 20 years. 

He holds a Doctorate in Systematic Theology from Marquette University and a Masters of Theological Studies Degree from the University of Dallas.  His particular interest is in Fundamental Theology—particularly helping Catholics rediscover the philosophical  underpinnings of the faith. 

Dan, his wife Kristen and their younger children live in Great Falls, MT.

Rise Above the Politics and Ugly Rhetoric


“What ever happened to civil discourse and respect for different opinions?” It is important to understand that some difference of opinion on social and religious issues is normal and inevitable. How we respond and interact with friends, relatives and social media post must reflect a respect for the person and a trust that the truth…

Everything is a go for the 2016 conference.


Save the date. March 5th, 2016 at St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church. Plan to be inspired, rejuvinated, to learn and to grow.  We have some fantastic speakers lined up. Al Kresta from “Kresta in the Afternoon” every day on Catholic Radio. Jim Blackburn, Catholic Apologist, Author, and Speaker John Crudele, Catholic Apologist, Author, and Speaker Dr. Dan…